SewPad is now Sit-Mate!

“Sew” Comfortable!


Since 1974, quilting has been my passion, my frustration and my saving grace! I make quilts, teach and even work part-time at a local quilt shop. To me, making a quilt is like giving someone “a big hug” that can last for generations. It’s our chance to leave a legacy of love and joy.

First a Little Backstory…

Somehow or another I have ended up in my mid-sixties (OK, mid to late sixties!) and my body is not as forgiving as it used to be. Let’s be honest here– sometimes it just, plain hurts! A few years ago I began to notice that after sitting for several hours working on my projects, my back and hips would become stiff, sore and achy. I tried different chairs and some of the various foam pads, but none of them really fixed the problem. It’s terrible when the thing we enjoy most leaves us in pain.  

My husband is a lifelong motorcycle enthusiast (and an engineer) and was having the same problems whenever he rode his bike. After 30 minutes- screaming hips! With a lot of searching, he found a product called ProPad that solved the problem. It put the fun back in riding.

An Idea Is Born…

One day, almost on a whim, he put his new “wonder pad” in my sewing chair and invited me to give it a try. Honestly, I really didn’t expect much of anything. But WOW! Let me tell you what a difference– the relief was instant and after several hours, I didn’t hurt! Unlike all of the other things I had tried, this actually worked. So I started telling all of my “quilting buddies” about our discovery and learned that many of them were suffering with the same problems. After they gave it a try and had similar results, SewPad™ was born!

SewPad™ is filled with a thick cushion of proprietary viscoelastic polymer gel– the same stuff used in surgical mats and wheelchair pads. Unlike foam, gel doesn’t bottom-out and it provides comfort and support by diffusing and distributing pressure. Upholstered in a plush layer of AirFlex™ fabric, SewPad™ helps your fanny stay cool while the no-slip bottom keeps it from sliding around in your chair. SewPad™ was designed for quilters and crafters, but we think you’ll find other uses as well. Church. Stadium seats and anywhere else that you might expect to be sitting for a good while. Being comfortable is a wonderful thing!

Sit Safer.
Comfortably. Sit Stronger. Longer…

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